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Ways to Get Involved


At The Heretic, we want to amplify the voices of the heretics of the world. It is a place for the activists of the world no matter their age, ethnicity, nationality, or industry.

We do not aim to instruct people, but offer an alternative lens through which to question and examine systems and habits that may not be serving us anymore. Some of those questions may be bold and uncomfortable, but are necessary to confront.

We also aim to provide a grounded perspective for our readers and move away from pop psychology and mainstream buzzwords for the sake of collecting audience. We noticed the strong hunger for clarity in grounded and sound resources and voices, but have also seen how flooded the bubble of social media and networks are with unrealistic, unattainable, and vapid advice in response to that hunger to make sense of changing landscape.

We do not have all the answers, and we will not settle for selling snake oil in response to difference. Through this publications we want to amplify the voices of the heretics of the world, those that want to productively question, sit with the discomfort and confusion, and explore what they notice. We want to pose provocative questions, but not necessarily provide answers, for we believe that the quest is almost more important than the destination. And there the answers reveal themselves.


If you resonate with this, and work as a coach, psychologist, social development practitioner, social activism, or find yourself anywhere in between and would like to get involved, contact us and we can have a chat.

Upcoming Edition (2024)

For our upcoming edition, we are looking at the theme of environment and sustainability including our relationship with a changing natural environment. We look to ponder on how the world may look like given the situation we are in in in terms of political change, migration and population movement, spread of diseases, climate protest, among other angles. We are looking to hear from coaches, consultants, social development workers, social activist and more. You can download our 2024 offer document below to find out more.


To ensure we deliver the best quality publication, we put together submission timeline for our contributors to be considerate of. You are welcome to independently submit your pieces anytime before the set dates, however we think you may benefit from engaging our editors before doing so. We believe in the power of human conversations and we think we may all benefit from hearing each other's thoughts and perspectives before submission. 


Submission Timeline (2024)


Engage us

Sep-Nov '23

This is an optional step, but one we recommend before submission. You can drop us a line, or contact our editors directly via LinkedIn. We are  happy to chat to find out more about you, and vice versa


Submit an abstract

Mon,13 Nov '23

We ask that you submit a 100-300 word abstract. This will be reviewed on the basis of theme alignment, to which feedback will be given to potential contributors within 2 weeks of submission


Submit a completed piece 

Mon, 22 Jan '24

Completed pieces will be reviewed by our editorial committee and here the editorial process will begin with our editor. This should take 2-3 weeks in order to finalise your submission, depending the length of the piece

You can find our Editors here including ways to get in touch with them. Alternatively you can email us at and we can put you in touch with them.

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