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About Us


The Heretic is an independent publication launched during the course of the unique and exciting events that unfolded during the year 2020. We came together with an idea to create a time capsule in a form of a publication that would shed a light on the changing landscape under our feet. In an attempt to make sense as well as capture the essence of the irreversible change and shift in consciousness that has taken place on a global scale, simultaneously. We are still feeling the aftershock of that upheaval and emergence, four years on where a pervasive lack of clarity persists.


Through this publications we want to amplify the voices of the heretics of the world, those that want to productively question, sit with the discomfort and confusion, and explore what they notice. We want to pose provocative questions, but not necessarily provide answers, for we believe that the quest is almost more important than the destination. And there the answers reveal themselves.

The Heretic is a non profit subsidiary of Heresy Consulting Ltd. We do not expect payments to feature contributors, nor do we offer monetary compensation for those that contribute. None of our editors make profit from this publication, whereby all profits made by your generous donations are used to cover only the
running costs. 

Meet the Team

Hala Abu-Maizer
  • LinkedIn

Hala is an international development professional with a strong interest in social change based in Amman, JO

Laurence Barrett
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Laurence is an organisational development consultant, coach
and author based in Brighton, UK
Richard Merrick
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Richard is a coach, organisational consultant, writer, and a community creator based in Derbyshire, UK

Our Contributors

Meet our contributors from our latest edition


Clemens is an organisational change specialist with an interest in behavioural psychology based in British Colombia, CA


Craig is a professor, author, and consultant that writes and teaches at the intersection of psyche, story, and imagination. He is based in California, US


Dan is a Jungian psychoanalytic psychotherapist with a desire to help people clarify how they want to live and to live how they want to. He retains a deep love for the ocean. He is based in London, UK


Ganga is a counselling psychologist and a social development practitioner based in Bengaluru, IN


Jackie is a leadership coach and a dialogue practitioner based in Bedfordshire, UK


Lalita is a coach and organisational consultant based in Hong Kong, CH


James is an organisational change consultant working with founders and Small and Medium sized organisations (SMEs), based in Brighton, UK



Mukti is a psychotherapist, coach, and writer based in Mumbai, IN


Johann is a filmmaker, business manager and dialogue practitioner based in Windhoek, NM


Simon is an independent consultant working with founders, leaders and investors in growth businesses. He is based in London, UK


Joss is a lifelong sustainability advocate and consultant who enjoys making music, kayaking and cycling. He is based in Guildford, UK


Tannin is an undergraduate student studying studio art at Borough of Manhattan Community College, seeking to  advocate for social issues through written and artistic works, based in New York, US
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